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ETG Wellness, Inc.

Was born on the idea that it would be healthier for me to take my production accounting prep & post show work away from my home, which had begun resembling so closely many of my “work" spaces.

While “on location” a couple of years ago, I found Yoga and meditation to be very calming and balancing practices for me. I have walked & cycled all my life and have found them to be wonderfully restorative activities too. I decided that if it could be done, my ideal work place and environment would be such that I could step from desk to “mat” with ease & grace and by such good practice and fulfilled exercise intention, enable exponentially better work performance, greater joy in my heart and a grateful smile on my face.

Once I received my second coaching certification (Certified Professional Coach and Certified Recovery Coach), I decided it fitting that I acknowledge a long-held goal, meet my own challenges and open my practice in a place where I too could employ what I so often hear myself suggesting: living healthy and light-hearted days, one at a time---sometimes even started over again in the middle---simply by pausing and breathing!—deeply, presently, balanced: body, mind and spirit.

Even though I have closed my Yoga studio, ETG Wellness, Inc. and my Professional Coaching practice -- are still such a dream come true. My office is located in beautiful Vero Beach, Florida.

Thank you again for visiting my website and I look forward to meeting with you so we can identify & plan; motivate and support YOU in the achievement of your dreams too!

--Elizabeth T. Guste, CPC, CRC

Certified Professional Coach

Email: : search "Elizabeth T. Guste"


Professional Coaching Services: By Appointment

Please Call 772-257-6592 or send me an e-mail at so we can schedule an appointment for you today!

Your Success is Assured Today!

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